Three Reasons for Women to Train with Weights

Check out my latest article over on to see my top three reasons why women should train with weights!!

N8 Training Systems

This post is brought to you by Katelyn Travers, a friend of mine and a hell of a good coach. She’s a living legend, having competed at a high level in powerlifting, bodybuilding, and marathoning, all within  an 18 month time frame.

So believe me, when she talks about how to change physique or what it takes to make a major difference in your life, everybody listens.

Check her out at Hello.Strength. and feel free to follow her on the facebooks also.


Here’s What you Need to Know:

  1. Weights are the best way to change your bodies actual shape. Training with weights will also increase your energy and vitality, which will allow you to do more of the things you love.
  2. The confidence gained from doing something that was previously unrealistic for you will result in more confidence in the gym and in your life. As Walt Disney said…

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