Free Nutrition Guide!

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I have simplified the nutrition formulas that I use for my clients personalized nutrition plans into a handy usable guide.

This plan includes:

-The major key for success starting out

-How to calculate your total caloric needs and macronutrients for maintenance & when you want to “lean out”

-How to adjust your calories &  macros as needed

-3 sample daily menus to meet your macros

How can you get all this super handy information?

Just subscribe to my blog and it’s yours for free! For the next 7 days that is. After that you’ll have to fork over some cash, so get it for $0.00 while you can!

Simply enter you e-mail address on the right side of this page 🙂 If you already subscribe you will get a copy in your inbox on November 23rd!

Contact me at for more if you have any questions.

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