21 Day Challenge Starts This Friday!

All right guys, Thanksgiving is over and there are still 4 weeks until Christmas. Now we could say that we are going to be healthy during that time, not define what that means and keep our fingers crossed….. OR we can set a few realistic goals for this in between holiday time, that will help keep us on track (while still totally enjoying the holidays) so we can enjoy Christmas Eve, Christmas Dinner and whatever other holiday traditions we love MINUS THE GUILT. 

Who’s with me?

The great things about this challenge is YOU get to decide what it means to you. But I highly recommend setting 3-5 measurable objectives that will help you make exercise and nutrition a priority.

For an example, here are my objectives for this challenge:

  1. Perform 5 strength workouts per week and 1 short HIIT workout.
  2. Limit ice cream to 1x/week.
  3. Prioritize veggies at lunch time. 
  4. Hit my protein goal every day. 

Since it’s the season of giving, I’m going to offer this challenge at an amazing deal of $21 total! That’s right. $1/day. 

This will give you access to a private Facebook group with daily posting from me, including recipes, workouts, tips, tricks and encourage from the group. You can be as involved with posting in the group as you like, or you can simply observe and use the advice from others to stay motivated.

(If you are spending a lot on yourself or others this holiday season and this price is out of your budget, email me and we will work something out.)

My goal is to let the most people be involved so we can support each other and head into Christmas feeling GREAT.

To get started message me on facebook, instagram or email katelyn@hellostrength.com and I will get you added to the group!

Remember this starts FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1st, so no time to waste!



2 thoughts on “21 Day Challenge Starts This Friday!

  1. Hi! My friend Carrie turned me on to this and I want to sign up! Can you send me info how to do so!?

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