My Top 3 Hip Thrust Variations

I have complete faith that if you’re reading this you already know that the key to strong, developed glutes is hip thrusting and hip thrusting often. So if you need a little variety in your hip thrusting life, here are my top variations at the moment!

Constant Tension Hip Thrusts

A classic, but deadly. I usually use constant tension or stop and go hip thrusts are as my hip thrust variation to really push the weight on. The variations below I still try to increase weight over time, but focus a little more on form and getting a good burn in my glutes.

Make sure to play around with your foot stance to find the ideal stance for you. Some people prefer their feet a little wider or narrow and some have the feet closer or further in. There’s no “best” stance, just the stance that’s best for you!

Band Pause Hip Thrusts

Do yourself a favor and get your own band like the one I’m using in this video, because it make such a difference! For the pause hip thrust you really want to focus on the “lockout”. This is the portion at the top where your hips are fully extended and you should try to really squeeze your glutes. Make sure you are finishing the movement with your glutes and not your lower back.

Band 1.5 Rep Hip Thrusts

These or B-Stance are probably my all-time favorites. For 1.5 reps you’ll lift all the way to the top, lower down halfway, go back up and then come all the way back down. These really add up so make sure to lower your weight or do a few less reps.

Another key part of the hip thrust is the height of the bench. If you look closely you can see I am starting from a blue pad, not the floor. For my torso length, starting from the floor really only had me feeling hip thrusts in my lower back. Play around with what height/starting point feels good to you.

Are you ready to go try these variations?! Let me know any other questions below!

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