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Nutrition Coaching

  • Calorie & Macro Coaching: If you are a “numbers person” or like organization/keep track of things you may enjoy macro tracking. I give you goals to hit for your total calories, grams of protein, fat and carbs. I help you strategize and figure out how to hit these ratios without being miserable.
  • Intuitive Eating Coaching: If you have previously struggled with any sort of disordered eating or have a poor relationship with food it would be best to not track macros and instead learn how to fuel your body appropriately with a basic set of guidelines versus strict macro tracking.
  • Habit Overhaul Coaching: If you feel like you have some “bad” habits that are holding you back and you want to tackle those first (weight loss often results) this is for you. Similar to intuitive eating, but more specific to your current habits.
  • Menu Planning: I plan all you meals/snacks based on your preferences. All the guesswork is taken care of. You get weekly menus, recipes, grocery lists, etc.
  • We can also do a combo program based on your needs!

Online Personal Training

  • I create custom monthly workout plans based on your level, your goals and your equipment/ facility! These include video links to each exercise, along with prescribed sets and reps.
  • You’ll get weekly check-ins with me and unlimited text access for answers to questions when you’re in and out of the gym.
  • All the value of a personal trainer, without the high per-session price tag!

Nutrition Assessment

  • Want to see if your nutrition/ health are on the right track? I’ll have you fill out a questionnaire, track your diet for a week & then give you my recommendation for how to improve your diet and overall health!

Also check out my Products page for pre-made workout programs.

Want more information about coaching or a program? Email me at and we will decide which option is best for you!

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