Monthly Subscription Workout Programs

This is a monthly subscription that gets you a new workout plan every single month. All you need for these workouts is a pair of dumbbells, a workout bench (or a sturdy home chair), and mini resistance bands!

These workout plans programmed for 4-5 strength workouts a week (the 5th workout is optional, you can omit it or swap it for another activity you enjoy).

On average, workouts take 40-50 minutes to complete. Do them in the comfort of your own home or at the gym!

You also are encouraged to send me form videos so that I can help improve your technique on any exercises that you aren’t confident with.

Each program starts on the first of the month, so to get signed up make sure to email me by the last day of the month. (For example, if you want in on December’s program, reach out to me by November 30.)


  • $39/ month
  • $29/month (6 month commitment)
Here’s What it includes:
  • Editable Google Spreadsheet Workout Plan with Exercises, Reps, Sets, Etc.
  • Video Library with Link of Me Demonstrating All Exercises
  • Mid-Month Personal Email Check Ins

Email hellostrength1@gmail.com today to get signed up!

  • Exercise Substitutions on Request
  • Form/technique Feedback

Check out the HelloWorkouts Instagram Page for photo samples and more information.

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