Monthly Subscription Workout Programs

With Private Facebook Group

This is a monthly subscription that gets you a new workout plan every single month. And you’re not doing this alone, you’re doing them with a facebook group of gals (and guys) with support and coaching from me!

These workout plans are 5 times a week, but you could make it work in 4 if necessary.

There are Gym and At Home Versions available each month. For the At Home plan, all you need is some dumbbells and mini resistance bands! On average, workouts take 40-60 minutes to complete.

Here’s What it includes:
  • Editable Google Spreadsheet Workout Plan with Exercises, Reps, Sets, Etc.
  • Video Library with Link of Me Demonstrating All Exercises
  • Personal Monthly Email Check Ins

Email hellostrength1@gmail.com today to get signed up! All workout plans start on the first of the month, just make sure to email me by the last day of the month to make sure you’re in 🙂

  • Exercise Substitutions on Request
  • Form Feedback via FaceBook Group
  • General Nutrition Guidance via FB Group

Check out the HelloWorkouts Instagram Page for photo samples and more information.

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