Workout Program Design

Tired of walking into the gym and not knowing what to do? Let me plan your workouts based on your goals and the areas YOU would like to focus on. These plans can include gym workouts, home workouts and/or bodyweight workouts. You will receive workout “cards” from me with links to videos of the exercises and unlimited access to me via email or text.


Nutrition Coaching — Level 1

Macro Calculating Only

Are you familiar with meal tracking, but want to know how much I recommend you eat?I’ll tell you how many Total Calories, Carbohydrate Grams, Protein Grams, and Fat Grams you should be eating based on your goal. Know you numbers and be on your way!


Nutrition Coaching — Level 2

Macro Calculating with Coaching

Need a little more help figuring out HOW to HIT your macros from Level One? I will calculate your macros and then give you unlimited text and email access to me to help you strategize and play “macro tetris”. This option can also include an introductory 20 minute coaching call if desired.


Nutrition Coaching — Level 3

Macro Calculating with Full Menu Planning

Curious how to fit pizza and ice cream into your macros? Let me take over EVERYTHING by telling you EXACTLY what to eat for each meal and snack. I will give you a weekly menu with recipes, a grocery list, and pre-track all of it into myfitnesspal for you so you can see the serving sizes and what macros you are getting. You will receive lots of communication (text, email, calls) at this level to ensure you find the meals easy and delicious!

$75/week (3 week minimum)

Habit Overhaul Program

Do you want to makeover your WHOLE lifestyle one step at a time to make sure that your transformation lasts? After a initial phone or video call, I will create an 8, 12 or 18 week step-by-step plan to help you stop your “bad” habits and adapt crucial healthy new ones. This is a very personalized service and we will communicate a lot throughout that time via a private facebook group.


Don’t see the exact service you want?

E-mail and I will customize a plan to work just for you!


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