Workout Program Design – $120/month

Tired of walking into the gym and not knowing what to do? Let me plan your workouts based on your goals and the things YOU would like to focus on. This option is great if you wish you could workout with a personal trainer every day, but that doesn’t quite work with your budget or schedule. Includes the following:

  • Monthly workout calendar detailing gym or home workouts
  • Workout cards for each workout day with video exercise demonstrations
  • Google Doc access to track your workout progress and record weight, reps, sets
  • Weekly check-ins with me for accountability & support
  • Monthly coaching calls

Nutrition Assessment – $50

Think you’re “kinda” healthy but not really sure? No idea how to change your diet to be the best for your body? Let me tell you everything that’s wrong AND RIGHT with your diet 🙂 You’ll fill out a questionnaire, tell me all about your diet for one week and I’ll give you specific suggestions to hack your health and make the most positive change to help you feel your best and reach whatever your goal is!

Macros + Coaching – $80/month

Are you serious about reaching your goal? Lose weight, get strong, get toned, achieve X. No matter what you want to achieve, I will draw up a plan and timeline for reaching that goal! Includes the following:

  • A timeline for reaching your end goal with mini-goal targets along the way
  • Personalized macro targets (calories, carbs, fat, protein)
  • Weekly check-ins for accountability & support
  • Weekly strategizing and recommendations for meals, snacks and troubleshooting how to hit your macros within a balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • Support for how to track macros without developing a poor relationship with food

Intuitive Eating Coaching- $80/month

Has tracking your food in the past led to a poor relationship with food or you not knowing what to eat? Do you still have a goal that you’d like to achieve. You can accomplish this without tracking and instead using your body as a guide. No macros are provided, instead we focus on what foods you are eating and you still get weekly accountability, support and strategizing with me.

Full Food Take Over – $150 for two weeks

Do you need new meal ideas or don’t know what to eat? Are you curious how to fit pizza and ice cream into your macros? Let me take over and plan out everything you will eat for the week. Includes the following:

  • Two weeks worth of meal & snack planning all laid out
  • Recipes for each meal and recommendations of when to meal prep each dish
  • A grocery list for easy shopping
  • Macros for each day (if desired)
  • Flexible ideas that can incorporate favorite foods you request and even meals/drinks out

Habit Overhaul Program – $100/month

Does your lifestyle need a complete overhaul to be transformed into a balanced, healthy lifestyle? Let’s take things one step at a time to create a lifestyle that is sustainable and you feel happy sticking with for the long-term. These programs usually last 3-12 months and steadily stop your “bad” habits and add in “good” habits. This includes weekly or biweekly calls with me and unlimited email/text access.

Don’t see the exact service you want?

E-mail and I will customize a plan to work just for you!


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