“My entire adult life has been mentally exhausting attempts at losing weight.” -Incredible Client Success Story!

Client Transformation Success Story

I’m very guilty of not sharing client success stories as often as I should. But that stops now! I’m so proud of this lady for all the hard work she’s put in the past 6+ months to get stronger, work on her relationship with food/health and lose way more than 30 pounds & 7% body fat!

Carol has averaged about 5 lbs. of weight loss per month, which is just over a pound per week. Don’t ever be discouraged by losing “just one pound” those pounds will add up over time and slow steady weight loss is key to keeping your muscle mass and having weight loss that lasts.

I thought there was no better way to learn from my client than getting the whole story plus advice to others who have tried everything to lose weight but it just hasn’t stuck straight from the source:

1) Had you tried to lose weight before working with Katelyn?

“Hell yes! My entire adult life has been mentally exhausting attempts at losing weight. Attempts made mostly from the food aspect of a “diet”. I always felt active in my daily life as a mom and as a classroom teacher, so my emphasis was on the food. My “diet” exercise might have included a mile walk several times a week. A few attempts were made with gym memberships, feeling very awkward utilizing only activities that I knew. There were a few periods of weight loss, but none that were sustained longer than  6 months. I have been battling the bulge for 35 years!”

2) What do you think has allowed you to be successful this time around?

“Why Katelyn of course! She is one of the factors that was different this time. I had never had a trainer. I made a commitment to myself to become physically stronger through exercise with a trainer, so I would not hurt myself. I wanted to learn ways to become stronger with a personalized approach which was structured for me. The other differing factor was that weight loss was not my main intent. If it came with the strength and balance, it would be a bonus.”

3) What is most valuable thing you have learned working with Katelyn?

“Katelyn has shown me that we are never too old to seek a healthy body. I would never have made the progress that I have without her patience, expert knowledge of muscles with exercise, nutrition, and how it all works together to produce a healthier version of ourselves.”

4) What has been the most difficult part of you journey with nutrition and exercise so far?

“Finding the right program for eating that supports my physical activity promoting continued fat loss/muscle gain. Processed foods are everywhere with their convenience and ease in use. Katelyn stresses planning. That is the key to success. We are all busy. I am retired and I am too busy! Make the time. Some things work, and some don’t. That is the beauty of having someone like Katelyn to help identify what works for ME.”

5) What advice would you tell others who may be in a similar situation to you?

Make the commitment for feeling physically better. Since making the time for me, I feel so good physically.  My day to day activities, which sometimes include running and carrying young granddaughters are no longer so challenging.  I have a new informed appreciation for what strength building can do for me. I used to think that it was just for body builders. I have learned much about myself. I have now reached a point where I feel good after a workout session. I make time to build on what Katelyn has taught me. And YES…having someone to be accountable to, in addition to yourself, does make a huge difference.”

6) Any parting thoughts?

“I am going to start crying as I type this. I needed help, and I knew it. My finding Katelyn through a friend, has changed the quality of my “senior” years. It is not easy to train an old person with many old ideas about exercise and nutrition. Katelyn started with one very “unbalanced” lady. She never gave up on me. She encouraged and supported me in my journey perfectly. I had a million excuses, believe me. Katelyn has changed my life! I am forever grateful!”
Changes from April 2018- October 2018

One of my favorite things that Carol stressed is that this hasn’t been just about weight loss. Sure we have tracked her body fat percentage and weight change, but the big focus was on feeling stronger, decreasing knee pain and making life outside the gym easier.  Especially for a 5’3″ women, losing 7% of her body fat has drastically reduced the stress on her knees and let’s her run around with her grandchildren much more easily.

I’m also so proud of how much muscle mass she has maintained! While her fat pounds dropped from 98.2 to 72.4, her fat free mass has only gone from 104.8 to 101.2. This is a testament to how hard she works in the gym each session and on her own.

One final thing I love about Carol’s response is that she doesn’t even mention the “nutrition philosophy”/diet she stuck to for 90% of this time. And the thing is, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that she found something that she could stick to and she kept sticking to it even when she didn’t want to. And when she “slipped up” she got right back on track and didn’t dwell on it. 

Are you ready to be like Carol and “make the commitment to feel physically better” and let the weight loss come along with it? Let’s start making each day stronger and easy today!

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  1. Inspiring! Mine is another great Katrlyn success story. Maybe not as dramatic and awesome, but certainly life-changing for me! Thanks Katelyn!

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