Hello Strength Huddle

Welcome to the the health & fitness group with the friendliest name: Hello Strength Huddle! I mean, how can you be afraid to join a Huddle? It rhymes with cuddle for crying out loud.

Anyways, I’ve always wanted to have a little more structure to this community and now it’s finally here!

You can join the Facebook group you can join to get lots of exclusive support and tips from me every week! (This is different from my HelloStrength business Facebook page that mostly just shares my blog and instagram posts.) You can ask me things and we will have group discussion, chats and share ideas with each other! #warmfuzzies

So, every group needs a manifesto of sorts and this will be ours!

I’ve struggled with defining what “HelloStrength” is because I strongly believe that one size doesn’t fit all. There a few non-negotiables in health & fitness because…. science, but there is room for everyone is this group from bros to yogis.

Why deadlifts, squats, lunges, push ups and pull ups? These 5 movements together will use all the major muscles in the body (if not all of them?!) and everyone can find some variation that works with their body; even if it’s a cable pulldown instead of a pull up!

Why a high activity level and step count? Being sedentary is linked to a shorter lifespan.

Why exercise as a celebration of your body, not a punishment? You can never ever out-train your diet and it’s not healthy mentally either. We are all lucky to be able to workout and do awesome things with our bodies, so workout like it.

Why knowledge of approximate calorie and protein goals? The bottom line is that if you’re gaining weight you are in a calorie surplus and if you’re losing weight you are in a calorie deficit. No matter if you’re keto, clean eating or Atkins this is still true. So knowing how much energy from food is necessary to maintain your body weight is key. Also lean muscle mass is a predictor of longevity in older adults, so you need strength training, protein and adequate calories to not wither away and have a terrible quality of life when you are 60.

Why tracking more or less based on personal goals and preferences? At some point, almost everyone needs to track in order to learn about the composition of the foods we are eating in order to be able to intuitively eat. If you are good at listening to your hunger and interested in maintaining your weight, you may not choose to track and that’s totally okay. If you’ve got physique goals or tracking helps you make sure you eat enough, that’s great too. We can live happily no matter what end of the spectrum we are on.

Why an 80/20 lifestyle? (meaning eating nutritious foods 80% of the time and less nutritious foods 20% of the time) We want to build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Not a healthy lifestyle that lasts 10 weeks. Believing that you have to be perfect 100% of the time will only set you up for stress and failure. Sometimes knowing that you could have less nutritious foods 20% of the time doesn’t make them as tempting because they are not “forbidden fruit”.

Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? Right now you can join for FREE, so follow that link or message me/ comment that you want to join the HelloStrength Huddle!

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