The ULTIMATE “Fit Tip”

Tips are fun. Everyone loves a little piece of advice that promises to take them to the next level.

I love little hacks for productivity, exercise and health.

This article isn’t to say that tips are “bad”, but rather that there comes a point when you have ALL the information you need (or at least ENOUGH information to just get started) and you need to take action.

Continuing to gather information and tips can eventually become a way of procrastinating.

Yes, health can get really, really complex and complicated. Your body might have some crazy stuff going on. But you can’t let that take away your focus or stop you from taking a few healthy first steps.

There will always be four pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress.

  • Eat nutrient dense foods and consult a doctor if you are not tolerating a food well.
  • Resistance train to build lean muscle mass and maintain your heart health with cardio.
  • Have a regular sleep schedule and get an adequate amount.
  • Address issues in your life and continuously work on your stress management.

There’s not much to argue with in those four points. Start there.

Then reach out to people who know what they are talking about in whatever area you struggle with.

With celery juice, waist trainers and the next health trend around the corner it’s easy to get sucked into the madness. Just make sure that if you try a health trend (make sure it’s safe) that you are still doing the basics, listed above, and evaluate whether you actually feel like something is actually making a difference for you.

PS If you’re interested on working on those 4 pillars of health, check out my 21 Day Challenge starting March 20th!

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