Fall Challenge 2019

As of September 23rd summer will officially be over, but the good news is that the Fall Challenge 2019 will begin!!

Here are the details:

  • 30 Days — September 23 to October 22
  • $30 — $1/Day
  • 18 or 22 Workouts (4x/Week or 5x/Week Workout Plans)
  • 30 Days of Macro Tracking or Intuitive Eating
  • Sleep & Stress Management
  • Activity Level Goals
  • Hydration Goals

I like for my challenges to be something that you can realistically implement into your life and hopefully sustain for LONGER than 30 days, which is why I offer a few options. Is working out 5 days a week unrealistic? Choose the 4 times a week plan. Is intuitively eating way too intimidating for you? Choose macro tracking. Hate the idea of using an app? Choose intuitive eating.

AT LEAST once a year it’s a great idea to really focus on making your health a priority. So many things in life get in our way throughout the year and then BOMB it’s holiday season again. Halloween costumes have already dropped in Costco. Give yourself a jumpstart and refocus on feeling your best heading into fall!

Challenges are way more fun with a friend so tell your mom, your boyfriend and all your friends 🙂

How to sign up? Email me at hellostrength1@gmail.com and you’ll be signed up!

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