Holiday No-Hassle (Bodyweight / Dumbbell Only) Workout Program

Don’t let the holidays take over your life!

Or do, but just make sure you stay active so you feel energized enough to keep up with all the festivities 🙂

This is your bare bones workout program — all you need is your bodyweight and dumbbells. If you have your own dumbbells, these would be great to do at home or if the gym is packed you only need to brave the dumbbell area.

Here’s what this program entails:

  • 10 Weeks of workouts.
  • 3 Total body workouts per week (with an optional fourth workout).
  • Access to a Google Spreadsheet where you can log your workout and fill in the weights you use.
  • Video links to me performing all the exercises (with tips).
  • A calendar laying out how I would schedule the workouts (can be modified).

I’m releasing this workout plan on Black Friday (November 29) — for Friday only it will be $29, November 30th and beyond it will be $39!

You can pre-order today so don’t miss out! All you have to do is comment below or send me an email to and you’ll get your plan on Black Friday!

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