3 Little Things Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

1. Too many nuts/avocado/coconut oil

It’s true these foods are delicious and good for you, but weight loss is a game of numbers and you must be in a calorie deficit to make it happen. Unfortunately the calorie gods, with their sadistic humor, decided that some delicious, healthy foods were also going to be high in calories.

Most of the time, nuts are just going to provide more calories than is worth it for me. A few sprinkled on oatmeal or a salad is fine, but those handfuls of trail mix are likely giving you far more calories than you bargained for.

The best strategy with these foods is to make sure you watch your portion size and if you happen to lose yourself in guacamole at happy hour, make sure you keep your fat low in other meals that day to compensate. #balance

2. Liquid calories

Call me a broken record, but it is all about that caloric deficit. So smoothies, coffee drinks or other liquids that rake in extra calories could really be keeping you from success.

Unfortunately, alcohol belongs in the liquid calorie group. Cocktails can pack way more sugar and calories than needed, but opting for soda water instead of sugary mixers can be a great save. Wine is probably your best choice, not to mention delicious. For maintaining your weight, try to max out at 1-2 drinks, 2-4 times per week. For weight loss, aim for a maximum of 1-2 drinks, 1-2 times a week.

3. Too many snacks

Healthy snacks can be great diet savers, but I’ve seen clients having too many healthy snacks to still achieve weight loss. If you think you may be munching or grazing more than you should, try meal tracking for a day or two. It’s definitely possible that protein bar, apple with peanut butter, handful of candy at the office, shared appetizer with a friend and late-night snack are too much for your goals. So stick to 2-3 snacks per day to make sure your snacks aren’t packing too many calories.

Hopefully with these tips, you can watch out for these little calorie sneakers and stay on the track to success!

3 thoughts on “3 Little Things Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

  1. Hey Katelyn,
    I’ve struggled with my weight. After reading this post, I figured out that I have drunk too much milk coffee (I used to work late) and it may be the number one reason why I am still stuck.

    1. That’s awesome. Happy to help you figure that out!

  2. Healthy snacks can be great diet savers, but I’ve seen clients having too many healthy snacks to still achieve weight loss.

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