Goal Setting. Is it necessary?

While listening to a Tony Robbins podcast recently, TR talked about how the purpose of a goal is not about the achievement of the goal itself, but the person we become while working towards achieving the goal.

Think about it. The times you’ve probably been the most focused, dedicated, passionate, organized, determined or excited have been when you were working towards something.

This is why goals, even small ones are so important.

They bring out our most positive qualities, give us focus & purpose and make us feel good about ourselves.

How many times have you set your sights on something and reached it, only to be left unsatisfied and wanting more? After competing in a figure competition, I almost immediately started training for a powerlifting competition and then a marathon (of all things). Yes, I enjoyed the accomplishment of these things, but more so after each one I missed having something to focus on and felt frustrated with a lack of direction for what to do with my time in the gym.

From bronze figure competitor to powerlifting team member to world’s slowest marathoner.

A little element of fear is also necessary in goal setting. According to Tony Robbins, one our six human needs is uncertainty. AKA – variety/excitement. To differing extents, we crave the thrill of not being 100% sure that we can conquer something or what the end result will be. Will we fall on our face? Get trapped under the bar? Or wind up saying something stupid?

Wondering these things is not bad. It’s what makes us train and prepare harder, so that we don’t look like a total idiot. It’s a natural part of the process and the curiosity that comes with these questions only helps drive us towards success.

So make decision, take the plunge and set a goal. A real one that you write down somewhere and maybe don’t tell people about at first. Even a small goal. Lose 5 pounds, gain 5 pounds of muscle, do your first pull up.

The good news is, even if you don’t conquer your goal right away, you will become a better, more driven and more determined person on the journey to achieve it.

1 thought on “Goal Setting. Is it necessary?

  1. Good message Katelyn…makes me think that it is important to enjoy the journey not just the destination.

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