5 Week Challenge! Join me for a little Pre-Holiday Shred

Want to feel a little lighter, more defined and strong heading into the holiday season?


Starting NEXT MONDAY (OCTOBER 16th), I’m going to put my macros and meal plan as the top priority! Who’s with me?

Good news: You can join at any time during the 5 weeks if you are not ready to start this Monday! It will be $5/week and you can pay all at once or weekly and even pull out at any time.

You will get access to my facebook group for accountability, custom macros included (if you don’t know them already), workout guidance and routines, meal ideas and a badass community with no judgment, only encouragement πŸ™‚

All you have to do is comment below or email me (hellostrength1@gmail.com) that you ARE IN and we will get the ball rolling on October 16th!

2 thoughts on “5 Week Challenge! Join me for a little Pre-Holiday Shred

  1. I want in. My daughter Mara Cosgrove referred me to you. I do not know what macros are!!! Can you help me.

  2. I sure can!! Send me an email to hellostrength1@gmail.com and I’ll give you more info about the challenge and macros πŸ™‚

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