At Home Total Body Workout

1) Pistol Squat x 3-5 per side
2) Down Dog Push Up x 10
3) Straight Leg Reverse Lunge x 10 per side
4) Jumping Jacks x 20
5) Opposite Plank Reaches x 5 per side
6) Table Top Leg Reach x 10 per side
7) Pulse Squat x 10
8) Push Up to Side Plank x 5 per side
9) Lateral Beast Walks x 5 (3 “steps” per side)
10) Jump Squats x 10
11) Bent Over Y’s & T’s x 10 each (squeeze shoulder blades)
12) Single Leg Hinge x 10 per side (stretch into hamstring)
13) Jumping Jacks x 20
14) Table Top Shoulder Taps x 10 per side

Repeat as many times and you have time for πŸ™‚

Tag @hellostrength1 on instagram if you give this a try!

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