Be A Force – HelloStrength Workout Plan is Here!

I’m so excited to announce that my first Be A Force Workout Plan is going to release on January 28th!

This is an intermediate level plan, that means you have some experience in a gym setting already are somewhat familiar with the words squat, reps and dumbbell.

If you are a beginner, email me because I have been working on a guide for you but delayed because it seemed an intermediate level was more what people were wanting!

What This Program Is:

  • An 8-week comprehensive exercise program. Each week consists of 4 main workouts and an optional workout. These workouts will be done in a gym setting.

Who This Program Is For:

  • Women (or men) looking to get lean/toned and know that endless hours of cardio isn’t going to get them there.
  • Women wanting to develop confidence in their body and what it CAN DO, not just want it looks like.
  • Women who are be a force to be reckoned with because they put in time for themselves in the gym because they know it will spill into other aspects of their life as well.

Here’s a sneak peak of what the first month looks like:

4 main workouts per week, 1 optional HIIT workout and two rest days. There are two built-in transition days between the first month & second month.

Here’s what an example workout will look like:

Exercises are color-coded into circuits and the sets/reps are laid out for you. Each exercise includes a link with me demonstrating the form. All that’s left is for you to select a weight and do the work 🙂

When purchasing this program you get unlimited e-mail access to me for the 8-weeks and can send me videos of your form for me to check and give feedback on.

Stop “messing around” in the gym this year and go in with a plan that you know will get you results.

Try something different than the elliptical and watch your body respond.

If you’re read to actually see some changes in your body, your confidence and be a force in 2019 email me at to reserve your spot!

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