FREE- 14 Day Macro Tracking Challenge

Make the most of the beginning of February with this Macro Tracking Challenge! February is the time when most people give up on their resolutions, so do something proactive to stay on track!

What the challenge entails

  • Personalized total calorie and macro goals
  • Video lessons from me on how to track macros
  • Support for me on how to “hit” your macros
  • Macro adjustments from me based on your progress
  • Troubleshooting and strategizing tips from me

How much the challenge costs

$0/day! I’ve never done a free challenge before, so I wanted to take away any barriers you have trying to track macros!

After 14 days you will learn so much about what you’re eating, how it affects you and how to adjust your diet to reach your goals without restricting your life!

Email me at to get signed up!

2 thoughts on “FREE- 14 Day Macro Tracking Challenge

  1. I would
    Like to try the free macro program


    1. Great! Send me an email to so that I have your email address πŸ™‚


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