The Art of Zigging & Zagging

I loved sharing the “Feed Your Brain” mantra with you guys on instagram, so I thought I would share more mantras/sayings I use with clients.

Instead of starting over, zig & zag.

A lot of us have perfectionistic ideals of what the journey towards reaching our goals will look like. We imagine a straight line with no blips or curves. But that’s not what happens in real life!

Even with the best of intentions, inevitably something outside of your control will force you to deviate from your plan. This is where the magic happens.

Option 1: You encounter this obstacle, it knocks you ever so slightly “off track” but you roll with it and get right back on schedule the next day/meal/opportunity.

Option 2: You encounter this obstacle, you let it knock you further than you hoped, you feel upset and guilty, you let those emotions pull you further “off track”, now getting back “on track” seems so far away and you’re climbing slowly out of the abyss.

One of the smartest things you can do when going after any goal is to expect mishaps. Know that they will come and anticipate how you could handle them. This will take away the notion that the road to success is linear and already have you planning ahead.

One meal, one workout or even one whole day “off track” will not ruin everything. Multiple meals, workouts or days way ‘off plan’ will make it mentally and physically harder to succeed.

So embrace the zig zag. Be proud of how you handle adversity. Learn from it. And keep the “misstep” as small as you have the ability to.

Curious about how I help my clients learn to zigzag? Send me an email to!

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