Why You Need a Coach

Someone else asking if you did something is 10X more powerful that you asking yourself that same question.

^^That sentence could be this whole article, but I’ll dive a little deeper to really drive it home!

Discipline > Motivation

Everyone wants to know the secret to everlasting motivation. A good coach will teach you that motivation is ever-fluctuating and discipline is much more valuable than motivation.

In some areas of your life discipline may come naturally. Some areas, you have to build it.

Personal analogy: I used to rarely floss and hated flossing. Then I married a man who is a VERY consistent, disciplined flosser. No I didn’t “hire” my husband as my flossing coach, but him flossing every night and asking me if I flossed has led to me now flossing consistently every other night (#babysteps).

How this might look for you: You rarely exercise and hate it. Then you hire a coach who creates a realistic exercise schedule for you. They check in with you every week. Now you exercise, and if your coach is smart, you focus on the positives of exercise and don’t totally hate it! You’ve created a little more discipline.


I honestly think everyone needs an accountability health coach. It might sound crazy or like a luxury service right now, but I bet in 10-20 years we will see that we can’t afford NOT to have someone checking in on us every week.

I receive so many emails that start the same. “I KNOW what do to do, I just need some accountability.” There is nothing wrong with this. Stop thinking you “should” be able to do it on your own.

The perfect level of accountability could be different for everyone. Maybe you need to touch base with someone daily, weekly or biweekly. Maybe a certain times of life you need that accountability more than others.

One of my clients I’ve coached the longest is an incredibly successful, badass business woman. She is the first to admit that she needs me in this area of her life. She constantly tells people that the reason she can keep up in her profession after decades of long hours is because she works out and pays attention to what she eats. Especially if you can afford it, don’t be afraid to delegate your health accountability to someone else.

Fun & Friendship

This might seem less important, but I think it’s crucial that you have a bond and enjoy your interactions with your coach. I am definitely a cheerleader for my clients and the first to tell them to “cut themselves some slack”, but I’m also the one to lay down tough love when they need it.

A coach should listen because you know you best, but also point you in the right direction because they have the bird’s eye view of your situation.

I love being a coach because I get to be such an integral part of people’s lives and ultimately helping people do things that are going to make them the best version of themselves.

Interested in what my healthy coaching or personal training could look like for you? Send me an email to hellostrength1@gmail.com and I’d love to chat about how we can make sure you take the best care of you πŸ™‚

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