Working with Katelyn, I have learned new and interesting ways to eat and create meals that are filling and satisfying. As both my trainer and diet coach, she worked with me to incorporate my values (like chocolate) and to help me with interesting yet challenging workouts. Katelyn was approachable, supportive and fun to work with. More than anything, I’ve learned how to live a healthier lifestyle that is geared toward health, well-being and a tighter butt! (Dori)

Before I started working with Katelyn, I had been struggling to make gains in the gym for months. I had stagnated and wasn’t sure how to progress, yet once I started her program, I saw gains within the first two weeks! Katelyn helped me get closer to achieving my goals and I would 100% recommend her program for anyone looking to improve their fitness.  (Taylor)

Having struggled with my weight for the majority of my life, I tried every kind of fad diet imaginable, sessions with nutritionists and personal trainers, and even multiple weight loss programs with very little success. If I did succeed, it never lasted long. Katelyn has this innate ability to make anyone who works with her feel comfortable almost immediately, as she is genuinely interested and cares about her clients in a very holistic way. She is incredibly direct and wants to know what is happening in your life, whether good or bad, so that she can help you tackle any issues that might be standing in your way. Not only did Katelyn cater a detailed workout program to each stage of my fitness level, during our time together, but she also took the time to really teach me how to create my own workout plan as well. Katelyn also developed a nutrition plan her me, as she knew this was a crucial step in my weight loss success. She taught me the importance of our macronutrient ratios and how to effectively lose weight while still being able to get out and enjoy my life. There is no other trainer I would recommend more if you are in the market to become a healthier individual and make long term changes in your own life! (Catherine)

What Katelyn offered me was not another fitness routine, but a life routine (demonstrated by example). Our time together focused as much on stress and sleep habits as it did on fitness and nutrition. She is as knowledge a trainer as I have ever met and, as an engineer, I have tremendous respect for her being a consummate student in the science of healthy living. This all goes without saying she is among the nicest and more sincere people I have ever met. Her positivity is contagious and makes it nearly impossible not to succeed. Ultimately reaching your health goals is up to you, but you don’t have to go it alone, and there is no better person to have in your corner than Katelyn. (Jacob)

Katelyn is a great health resource and brings passion to the complete package, from nutrition to weightlifting, mobility to sleep. My husband and I subscribed to Katelyn’s nutrition planning. She provided us with a good diversity of healthy meals that added new freshness to our meals, while still being tasty and diverse and healthy. She really wants to see her clients succeed in changing habits for life, not just lose weight on a temporary fad. (Sarah)

I initially started working with Katelyn to achieve very specific goals, but I soon discovered that our journey working together developed into something a lot more beneficial than simply hitting numbers. She taught me a new found value and respect for strength training, nutrition and holistic life balance. (Steve)

HelloStrength was the nudge I needed to get to my goals. The key for me was someone holding me accountable. That was Katelyn; with her program I did not have to think about what to do. The adoptions of MyFitnessPal along with my workouts made it that much easier. Met my goal 2 weeks early and decided to push into another month of the hardcore program. (Tony)

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