How To: Get Out of Your Own Way (In 3 Steps)

Because we are human beings and apparently life isn’t difficult enough, we have come up with a fancy way to make things more difficult.


Enter: self-doubt, fear of what other people think and perceived lack of knowledge. These are huge goal postponers, especially when it comes to health and fitness. We doubt our followthrough, we fear outside opinions, and we convince ourselves that not knowing everything is a good enough reason to not do anything.

I remember being so glad that a friend mentioned us doing a bodybuilding competition together, because I was too worried about what people would think if I came up with the idea on my own (and if I could forgo chocolate ice cream that long). Self-doubt and self-consciousness held me back. 


I remember wanting to start a fitness blog and online coaching business, making excuses about not knowing where to start. Fear and my perceived lack of knowledge held me back.

So how the heck do we get over ourselves and face these excuses? We give ourselves a reality check, a nice little pep talk and most importantly take some small sort of action. Here are 3 simple things you can do to push yourself past one of these roadblocks:

Self-Doubt Break Down Your Goal into Small Steps

Organize the big mess of a goal and overwhelming thoughts in your head by putting them on paper. Often a task seems intimidating and causes us to doubt ourselves, when all we really need to do is break it down. Once you get organized and break it into steps, it’s more about conquering a bunch of little tasks, rather than one giant undertaking. You want to lose 100 pounds? Focus on the first 10 and take it day by day from there.

Fear of People’s Opinions Find a Partner in Crime

Yes, even though you are scared of what people will think I am asking you to find someone to join your army. Two people facing a crowd of buttermilk ranch pushers is far stronger than one. In addition to all the research showing that having someone else working towards a goal with you increases your odds of success, you will likely feel more confident about your healthy decisions if someone else is making them as well.

Lack of Knowledge Start Small / Ask for Help (duh)

Odds are you know more than you think and this is just an excuse. You probably know at least enough information to get you started. Need to lose weight? Cut the junk food and bump up your protein. If you actually stick to that, you will be more successful than you think. Need to start exercising? Most gyms offer a free personal training session or there are brilliant online coaches anxiously awaiting your e-mail. Or try a walk outside with a friend who has a consistent workout routine so you can pick their brain.

The gist of it all is that most of the things holding you back are convenient excuses and I’ll even bet real excuses. But there is always something small you can do to get started. If you really have no idea where to start, e-mail me for free and I’ll give you at least the first step to take 🙂


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  1. Joanne Travers June 5, 2016 — 9:09 pm

    Dear Katelyn, I really enjoyed this post. Good advice for all stages of life whatever your goals.

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