Summer Shoulders Workout

Cut offs, tank tops and strapless dresses. Thanks to women like Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel, strong sculpted shoulders have become revered on both men and women. So be prepared to turn some heads and be able to hoist your carry-on into the overhead compartment with ease after this shaping and strength building shoulder workout!

With little time left until the official start of summer, here are my top shoulder exercises packed together to make a killer shoulder workout:

Warm Up

Warm up your shoulders and arms with this quick routine that I do before all my upper body workouts! Use 2.5-5 pound plates and make arm circles both directions for 5-10 reps each way. Then perform 5-10 bent over flies with palms facing each other and then palms facing forward.

A1 Push Press

After the shoulder warm up, start off with a weight that is easy for 5 reps. Perform 1 set  of 5 reps at this weight. Then increase the weight by 2.5-5 plates (depending on what you have available). Perform another set of 5 reps. Continue slowly increasing the weight until it is very challenge for 5 reps. Then work your way back down to the easy weight you started at for 5 reps. Perform 7-8 sets total.

B1 Military Press

In a circuit with B2 & B3, perform 4 sets of 10 reps.

B2 Arnold Press

In a circuit with B1 & B3, perform 4 sets of 10 reps.

B3 Lateral Raise

In a circuit with B1 & B2, perform 4 sets of 10 reps.


Finishers are a great way to end your work and leave your body burning calories! This finisher will have you feeling the burn in your shoulders, engaging your abs and increasing your heart rate! Hello sneaky cardio 🙂 Perform 8 breakdowns (hands to elbows while not letting hips rock) followed by 8 burpees (modification with and without push up are both shown). Repeat exercises for 3-5 minutes!

Let me know what you think and if your shoulders survive!

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