Your At-Home Summer Abs Workout

Fine, fine, I will jump on board and spill my magic secrets on how to get your abs ready for swimsuit season. All within the comfort of your own home. As a bonus, there is a video included at the bottom of the page! But first, this is the most important piece of information about abs I could ever give you:

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Because is diet is KING. FO EVA.

Summer Abs Workout

This workout has 5 exercises that will hit your abs and little shoulder as well! Go through the circuit 2-3 times (you can build up to making it through 3 times), performing 10 reps of each exercise. Three rounds will take you less than 15 minutes! Do this workout 3x/ week for best results. For best-est results, combine with full body strength training and a protein-filled diet.

1.Side Plank with Leg Lift

Start in a side plank position with your elbow directly underneath your shoulder. Begin by raising your top leg towards the ceiling and back down to the start position. Try to control the movement. If this is too difficult, you can just hold the side plank position or lower onto your knee. If this is too easy, you can move from your forearm to your hand.

2. Weighted Body Saw Plank

Start in a plank position on your forearms. Walk your toes backward about 4-5 inches to assume the start position. Begin by rocking your body forward, so your shoulders go just past your elbows. Then rock yourself back to the start position. Do not let your hips sink towards the ground. (Adding weight is optional, but awesome.)

3. Pistol Abs

A client favorite! Lie on your back with your legs pointing up towards the ceiling. Makes a handgun with your hands, obviously. Lift your upper back off the ground (careful to use your abs, not your neck) and bring your fingers toward your toes. This is the starting position. At the same time, lower your left leg to the ground and shoot your handgun to the right side of your leg. Raise your leg and dumbbell back up to the start position. Repeat on the other side.

4. V-Up

Lie on your back with your hands extended behind your head holding a dumbbell (if you have one) and legs out straight. Raise your arms off the ground towards your toes and at the same time, bring your legs up towards your arms (forming a V-shape). Lower back to the starting position.

5. Plank Kickback with Knee Tuck

Start in a plank position on your hands. Begin by kicking your right leg up towards the ceiling while pushing your shoulders back behind your hands (think downward dog), then draw your knee to your chest while positioning your shoulders directly over your hands. Repeat on the left side.


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