February 12, 2018 – Priorities


Something I like do to on Sunday nights (or Monday mornings) is set a plan for the week. 


It’s not a super detailed plan, but it helps me organize my thoughts, set my priorities, and therefor my intentions for the week.

I’ve been using the word priority a lot with my clients recently (likely to their annoyance :)), but it’s something that I’ve been reflecting on and evaluating the importance of.

There are certain things in our life that are always going to be a priority (jobs, relationships, etc). But other priorities will fluctuate. One week weight loss might be a priority, but the next week you might have friends in town or a vacation or a stressful schedule and mental sanity or enjoying the moment may be your priority.

I’m just here to remind you that is 100% okay. 

Last week I had two awesome workouts (building strength and muscle is my current fitness priority), and then I cam down with a pretty hostile cold. My priority had to change. 

Recovery, rest and hydration became my priorities.

So many people feel guilt about taking a rest day, but rest days and getting adequate recovery often go hand in hand with strength or even weight loss goals.

It’s all about seeing the big picture and thinking two steps ahead. Me resting for 3 days, set me up to feel A LOT better today and by Wednesday I think I’ll be working out at a normal intensity again.

So pay attention to your priorities and let them be fluid. (Unless your just want to change your weight loss priority because chocolate donuts are calling your name!). 

Setting a plan

So back to setting a plan. Here’s my plan in all it’s simplistic glory:


Fast until dinner, plenty of fluids, light workout to get used to moving again.

Prep barbecue turkey meatloaf for Tuesday & Wednesday dinner. Hard boil eggs. Prepare salads for Tues-Thurs lunches.


Upper body, hit macros.


Lower body, hit macros.


Upper body, hit macros.

Set plan for the weekend.

That’s it! I plan through Thursday, because by then I’ll have more of an idea what the weekend looks like and I can plan accordingly. Usually one cheat night and one fun meal cooked at home. Then I plan with my husband when I can get weekend workouts in.

Let me know if you found this helpful and set that plan and your priorities for the week today!

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  1. Good article…Failing to Plan in Planning to Fail!

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