Exercise of the Week: Whatever Exercise You HATE

We all have those exercises that take a lot of mental gymnastics to talk ourselves into doing.

The exercise that you “have to go to the bathroom” during your group fitness class when it’s your turn at that station.

The exercise that you have to distract yourself during by counting backwards or counting to six twice instead of counting to twelve.

For me, it’s really any combo movement (like the squat to press) or plyometric movement (like jump lunges).

But guess what? I still do them.

Why? Because I know it’s good for me. Because I know that the reason I hate that exercise is probably because I’m just not great at it yet. Because it builds character and life is full of things you don’t really want to do, but need to do anyways. Like cleaning the toilet and breaking down cardboard to put in the recycling πŸ™‚

There’s even some thought that we burn slightly more calories doing exercises that our body is inefficient at.

Another bonus is that if you’re bad at something, there’s lots of room to grow. And the worse you are to begin with, the sooner you’ll be able to notice the progress of going from the worst to bad to not so bad to okay to pretty decent to amazing.

You’re turn! What exercises are you least favorite? Do you try to do them anyways?

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