My Lower Body Mobility Routine

Some people are really into warm up and cool down routines, but I’ve always had a more minimal approach. As someone who works out from 5:30-6:30 AM most days, there’s just not time to mess around with a super long warm up.

I like to hop on the foam roller for 2-3 minutes (while letting Lizzo pump me up) and then do a few exercises that make my hips feel ready to squat, lunge or do whatever else is on the agenda.

Everyone’s body is different, so my go-to mobility exercises may not be your go-to mobility exercises.

90/90 Hip Mobility

Leg Swings

Standing Hip Circle

What even is mobility? It’s the ability for a joint to move through its range of motion.

You might know people who can’t fully raise their arms above their head or can’t get down into a full squat position. Over time, more time than you’d like, mobility can improve by doing drills like these along with proper strengthening and stabilization.

So maybe give these a try before your next workout and see how they feel!

Do you do a warm up before your workout? Let me know what you do in the comments 🙂

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