4 Unexpected Health/Fitness Tips

1) Realize just because you hypothetically could do something yourself, doesn’t mean that you will.

It’s amazing the difference it makes when we know someone is watching us.

When I have my husband watch my deadlifts for form, my form goes from 90% perfect to 100% perfect 😉 When I joined an online macro and workout coaching group, I stopped letting myself get away with too little protein and too many carbs.

Sure, I could have absolutely perfect form all the time and never miss a gram of protein — but without someone asking, “But did you do it??” it’s less likely that I will go that extra mile.

I think that’s what limits a lot of people from hiring a coach. They think, “I should be able to do this on my own.” Says who? Many of my clients are super successful people in their careers and they know the value of letting someone else take the reins on their nutrition or workouts.

You’re not weak because you need or can afford help. Elite athletes have coaches to make sure they can bring their best, why shouldn’t you?

2) Put effort into making your meals delicious and “fun”.

Have you ever talked to your partner about putting more effort into date nights after you’ve been together for a few years? At first, you’re both planning fun adventures and researching the best restaurants to go to — eventually that stops.

It’s often like this with cooking! At first when you start making healthy meals you get a cookbook, look up recipes on the internet and put a lot of effort into it. After a while, you resort to the dreaded cycle of chicken, rice and broccoli…… stop the madness! Learn how to marinate a delicious chicken breast, air fry some zucchini chips and try out all the fun plant-based pastas.

I’ve been making meal plans for a new gluten-free, dairy-free client who was frustrated at all the things she couldn’t have — but if you have access to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, there’s SO many options out there. You just have to invest time into researching and trying new things.

3) If your internal dialogue habitually defaults to “this sucks” about most things, you’re focusing on the wrong things.

“This exercise is hard.”

“I don’t like protein or vegetables.”

“I have to drink so much water.”

“I don’t want to go for a walk every day.”

Exercising, controlling what you eat, hydrating, and being active are all things that will 100% make you feel better and be healthier. You get to go to a gym and improve your quality of life. You get to fuel your body with food that is healthy, not just what’s cheapest. You get to drink clean water. You get to move your body and enjoy the outdoors.

Sounds dramatic, but change your internal dialogue and you’ll change how you feel about your life. Sure burpees are hard, but some people don’t get to do them.

4) Quit copying other people.

You are your own person. You have your own dietary and workout preferences, you have your own diet and exercise history, you have your own priorities.

What works for some person on instagram who’s been working out for the past decade regularly might not work for you on day one of your fitness journey. What works for someone with no food intolerances might not work for you and your gut. What works for someone who has no kids and is single might not work for you and your family of 4.

Get ideas and inspiration from other people, but try them out in your lifestyle and see if they fit. It’s not “bad” and you’re not the problem if they don’t work. It’s simply the wrong fit for your lifestyle.

I recently posted on instagram that I’ve tracked my calories and protein for most days over the past 6 years. Some will think that’s insane. Honestly, it wasn’t really a big deal for me because I love data and it was a fit for me and how my brain works. If you don’t see yourself being able to stick with something for a year, you might want to go with something else!

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