The Top 5 Mistakes You Make When Starting to Work Out

No one wants to look like an idiot at the gym. Especially if you are new to the territory. I’ve already given you some advice on what to do once you finally bust past the front door, but there’s still more you need to know. Here are the top 5 mistakes I see beginner’s make when starting to work out!

1. Not asking for help

Don’t try to figure it out all on your own! That is what (good) trainers are there for and beginners are one of our favorite types of clients to help. You are an eager little kitten we dream of helping turn into a badass bearcat. Not ready to go the trainer path yet?  Phone a friend! Two heads are better than one, so take a fellow newbie friend with you and figure it out together. Or even better, ask a friend with a solid gym routine if you can tag along. Bonus: if you have friends who work out, you will be more likely to stick with it too.

And maybe one day you and your friend can try this.

2. Not venturing out of the cardio arena

Cardio can be great (did I really just say that?), but if you want to add shape to your body and utilize the food you eat more effectively you must add in strength training. You will not get bulky. You will simply feel stronger, leaner and hopefully get a little boost to your booty. Weights are the difference between skinny and lean, shown in the photo and link below:


Strength Training is Fat Loss Training

3. Using too much or too little weight

Goldilocks had a point. You need the weights you choose to be right for you. Whether you are doing sets of 5, 8, 10 or 15, you should be able to keep good form but feel challenged for you last 1 or 2 reps. If the weight is too light, you will likely get discouraged from a lack of progress or dreadfully slow progress. If the weight is too heavy, you will likely get discouraged that you cannot do it or even more likely, hurt yourself. Your goal is to increase the weight you lift over time, just be smart about it!

4. Not supplementing your workout routine with a proper diet

Clients who originally sign up with me for workout programming often end up adding in the nutrition component. After a few weeks of feeling stronger and seeing a little more definition, they realize they need a nutrition plan to achieve a full transformation. As much as we hate to hear it, diet is where the magic happens. And it doesn’t have to be miserable! Try new recipes like protein pancakes, overnight oats, zucchini pasta and cauliflower pizza. Start with focusing on protein, limit the junk food and embrace the process of gradual consistent change.

5. Not trying to find something you enjoy

You are 500% more likely to stick with something if you actually like it. Or at least far more likely. If you don’t love dumbbells, try barbells or kettlebells. Try boxing or group fitness classes or Acroyoga. Sign up for a Color Run or a Warrior Dash. You are bound to find something you enjoy eventually, and if not you could always find a fun friend or trainer to make the experience more enjoyable 🙂


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