At Home Abs Workout Guide

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could do abs with Katelyn in my living room!”?

If so, you’re in luck!

I’m really excited to launch my At Home Abs Workout Guide! Okay, cooling it on the exclamation points.

What the At Home Abs Workout Guide entails:

  • 5 — fifteen minute ab workouts that require only your bodyweight (no equipment necessary)
  • Each workout consists of 5 exercises that you repeat for 3 rounds for 35 seconds on, 10 seconds off
  • I walk you through each exercise and then do the first round with you (you can either then replay the video 2 more times or set a timer and do the other two rounds on your own)
  • Videos are available in YouTube so you can watch them on your computer or your phone however many times you want

I wanted this guide to be for people of any workout level and short enough workouts that you have no excuse not to do them!

You could even do all the workouts back to back for a killer 75 minutes ab workout! (JK I definitely don’t recommend this)

You could invite your friends over for the workout and then have a celebratory glass of wine (I definitely recommend this :)).

So what are you waiting for??

All you have to do is email me that you would like the program and I’ll enable you to view the YouTube videos. Then click below for easy payment!

Healthy-ish Recipe eBook

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Pay with the button above or email me @hellostrength1 for more information!

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