How To: Create a Workout Schedule you LOVE (and can stick to)

If you’re starting a new exercise program, it can feel like a chore.

Even if you’ve been working out consistently for a while, if you haven’t found something you really enjoy/ something that motivates you it can feel like a chore too.

There are definitely days when I don’t want to workout or periods of time when I feel SO unmotivated. But yet, you probably see that I am usually able to maintain a consistent exercise routine.

The major reasons for this are:

  • I’ve found a style of exercise I enjoy .
  • I’m keeping track of my progress so I can see that I’m improving.
  • I consciously make the time in my schedule to workout, like an appointment.
  • I acknowledge that motivation is like hunger, a feeling that is going to come and go.
  • I incorporate enough rest into my workout schedule to avoid burnout.

That all sounds very simple laid out in a list, but it can be hard to figure out and create what that will actually look like in your life.

So here’s are my steps to take to build a workout routine that you enjoy and can stick to. First I’ll lay out the non-negiotables and then you can fill in the rest to make it individual.

  1. You must be strength training. Sorry, but research keeps showing how important lean mass/ muscle mass is for a good quality of life and length of life.
  2. You must be active very day (getting steps), but 3-4 days per week of “exercise” is good enough. 4-5 is what I would say is ideal.
  3. You must get your heart rate up during exercise. It’s just plain good and necessary for your heart.

Okay, now that those are out of the way you can personalize it a little. Decide if you prefer/ are able to workout in the morning, afternoon or evening. Do you like to workout at home or in a gym or in a class. Do you need a workout buddy to text reminders to you. Do you need a personal trainer to show you proper form because you’ve hurt yourself before. Do you like Orange Theory? Do you like kickboxing? Answer these questions for yourself or test by trial & error.

But the most important thing you must realize is that motivation will not always be there, even if you have the world’s most exciting exercise plan. Just like hunger or tiredness or sadness, it is going to come and go. It’s going to be awesome when it’s there, but even it’s not you still stick to your schedule because it’s good for you and you’ve made it a habit.

This is also when tracking your workouts to see your progress really helps. Knowing that if you don’t do push ups for 2 weeks you’re going to really struggle again (remember how hard your first push up was?) can inspire you to not lose what you’ve worked for.

Do you have a workout schedule/program that you love? If not, try my Be A Force Program our let me create a custom plan based on your equipment and goals!

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