Exercise of the Week: B Stance Hip Thrusts

Since all anyone can talk about on instagram is how to grow a bigger butt (I mean, the glutes are the largest muscle in the body and therefore we should train them often/with appropriate load — so I’m not against it), today’s exercise of the week is all about the buns.

*Fights urge to make a Bubba Sparks reference*

So may of us know the man, the myth, the legend that is Bret Contreras. He seemingly single-handedly introduced the world to hip thrusts and helped them gain incredible popularity. And for good reason.

Hip Thrusts are a hip hinge movement that has an easier entry level than barbell squats or deadlifts. The major muscle groups involved are the glutes and hamstrings.

B Stance Hip Thrusts are a variation that ends up being almost a single leg exercise, but with a little help from the supporting leg.

Band is optional, but you’ve been warned — it will make them hurt more.

I’ve been lukewarm about hip thrusts; I like them, but love deadlifts more. However, these B Stance Hip Thrusts engage my glutes like crazy. You can definitely do these without the band at your knees, it just adds a bit more resistance.

You’ll want to set up for a hip thrust like normal, except the heel of one foot will line up with the toe of the other. Do your reps and then switch sides.

Bret Contreras’s video with more explanation is linked here.


  • Start out with half the weight of your regular hip thrust.
  • Slightly center your working leg & drive through the heel.
  • Raise the toes on your supporting leg.

Have you tried these? Are you going to try these? Let me know in the comments and tag me @hellostrength1 on instagram if you give them a shot.

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