Summer 2020 Challenge


I’ve been debating how to structure my next challenge in 2020 for a while.

I’m against the quarantine ‘hustle culture’ that says you have to come of out 2020 with a successful small business or fluent in a second language, BUT I know that I’m my best, happiest self when striving towards a goal.

One thing that is never a bad idea is to seek to improve your health. So that’s what this challenge is going to focus on! It’s not going to cut out things, restrict foods or be unsustainable — instead it’s going to ADD things that you may have stopped prioritizing.

Like omega 3s, probiotics, PROTEIN, different colors of vegetables, and more!

The fitness industry often likes to focus on cutting out certain behaviors without adding things that will help you feel your best.

I really believe focusing on fueling your body WELL leads to so many other benefits that will help anyone, regardless of their goals!

So if you’re interested, send me an email to by July 12th so that we can all get started on July 14.

My challenges are always $1 per day, so 4 weeks = $28 for the whole challenge! If you’re ready to commit and feel like you’re on top of your health email that you are in πŸ™‚

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