Exercise of the Week 5: Glute Supersets

You may already have had a glimpse of this circuit if you follow me @ktravers1 on instagram, but I am rediscovering my love-hate relationship with supersets!


  • The exercises target big muscle groups, so lots of work is done and you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Restricting your rest in between the exercises increase your heart rate (think: cardio minus the treadmill).
  • You are really focusing on squeezing your butt, but the quads, hamstrings, inner/outer thighs and abs are all working too.
  • You look awesome and like you know what you’re doing.


  • Pick a number of reps (I chose 5). Pick a number of sets (I again chose 5). Pick 3 exercises (my choices are listed below. Go through the exercises for the chosen amount of reps only resting between sets for 60 seconds.

The workout

  1. Side Step Ups: These step ups are very similar to a normal step up, however this angle feels a lot more comfortable to be and makes me hate the exercise as a whole less. And hit more easily targets your glute. Start by standing on the left side of a bench. Turn to face the bench at a slight angle. Place your left leg on the bench and perform a step up. Adjust the angle (that you face the bench) so that it is comfortable for your knees and hips. Repeat on the other side.
  2. Back Squat: Your classic back squat here. Keep your knees wide and reach you hips back as you lower down. Stand back up and squeeze your butt.
  3. Overhead Squat: Make sure your shoulder mobility is up for this one, but think about stretching the bar apart as you lower down into your squat.

Now get to work and let me know what you think!!


1 thought on “Exercise of the Week 5: Glute Supersets

  1. Hi Katelyn, I enjoy your posts but the exercises are not for me I bet you knew that. I do enjoy some of the recipies. I especially liked the cauliflower rice. Keep up the good work. I also love to hear the news from Zach. Take care of yourselves and all my love always. Grandma

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