What To Do When You Don’t Know Where to Start

If you’ve read a few of my recent articles you might know that I’ve been working on my handstands. The only problem is, handstand knowledge is conveniently right outside my wheelhouse.

But even without any knowledge or expertise I’ve at least been able to surmise a few things that should improve my handstands. They might not be the best or top recommend things, but they are at least a step forward and better than doing nothing.

The difficult thing about searching for information is that you will find so many different recommendations, often ones that contradict each other. One source says fat is the enemy, another blames carbs, and another tell you benefits of a protein-only diet. #yikes

In order to get past information paralysis, we must simply attempt to find logical recommendations, implement them in our life, evaluate the effectiveness and then keep or change the behavior accordingly.

If you currently find yourself stuck or frustrated with information overload, start with one of the recommendations below:

1. Start small

Studies repeatedly show that the number one way to fail is to take on way too much all at once. So pick something super small that you are 100% confident you can accomplish every day. Ideas for you: drinking 8 oz. of water right when you wake up, eating vegetables with every lunch, switching from regular yogurt to greek yogurt.

2. Add a behavior

If we’re honest, it’s pretty easy to name a few things that we know we should be doing but we’re not. Pick one of those things and start doing it. Ideas for you: getting 7,500 steps per day, eating protein at every meal, sleeping 7-8 hours per night.

3. Remove a behavior

This might be even easier, but what do you know you could cut out and you would be healthier for it? Ideas for you: less alcohol or empty calorie beverages, mindless social media scrolling, ordering take out, candy after dinner.

4. Ask a professional

Let someone else make the decision for you! This is my personal favorite and the equivalent of asking the waiter at a restaurant what they recommend. Off-load that decision and save your decision making skills for later. You could hire this person or even look through their website and I’m sure you’ll pick up a thing or two to start with.

Did this article help you figure out where to start? If so, comment below what you are going to do to get started on whatever your goal is!

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